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WESTWARD will captivate children ages 5-12 at the Kids Conference portion of this year’s NFH Family Conference. Over the weekend they will learn delightful songs, memorize Scripture verses, enjoy object lessons, participate with hands-on projects, and play a variety of games. This program should not be viewed as merely childcare: it is intended to deliver a Bible-based message in an unforgettable and fun way! 

We look forward to spending the weekend together in God’s Word!

What is it about?

Hold your horses and put on your boots, because we’re excited to head to the wild west at the KIDS CONFERENCE!
This year finds us joining a daring group on a wagon train. We will follow them as they head to their new homes out west. What awaits them?
Trouble, excitement, adventure and more!
Small groups will be full of fun activities and learning about our identity in Christ.

LIT Training

Young Teens (ages 13-14) are invited to attend our Leaders in Training (LIT) program. This allows young teens to attend and enjoy the large group sessions that they have grown to love as children. During the small group times, the teens will be taught, 10 Steps for Effective Teaching, Properly Introducing Songs, Stories, and Verses, The Art of Storytelling, and so much more. They will be given tools and hands-on experience to help them become effective teachers for children and will be given the basics they will need to return as staff if they so choose. Parents will need to provide each LIT student with a sack lunch.



Tadpoles (ages 1-2) will be hosted by our sweet staff who will sing to, pray for, and take care of your adorable babies while they sleep and play. 

Tree Frogs (ages 3-4) will enjoy this exciting and interactive, play-learning environment. They will discover truths from God’s Word, play, and rest. It will be a wonderful time of learning and playing.

Schedule and FAQ's

FRIDAY - 8:45 am - 5:30 pm
SATURDAY - 8:00 am - 3:30 pm




Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions we receive:


What does the schedule look like?

-Friday Registration starts: 8:45am, Opening Session: 9:30am. Lunch: 12:10-1:10, Closing: 4:45pm.

-Saturday Check-in: 8:00am; Lunch: 11:30-12:15, Closing: 3:00


What should I expect for meals?

-Packing a lunch or grabbing something at a local restaurant are both great options! If you need special lunch considerations please contact us.

-Children should expect to eat in their classroom both days and take bag lunches that don’t need refrigeration. If you would prefer to eat lunch with your child you are more than welcome to have your child go with you for lunch.


What is appropriate attire for the family conference?

-Parents should dress comfortably to sit at tables for teaching sessions. All teaching sessions are indoors

-Children should dress comfortably to sit on the floor and play games with possible time outdoors. 


What IS the conference about?

-Nebraska Families for Homeschooling looks for speakers that will challenge your heart as a parent, as a homeschooler, and as a family. We also desire to encourage you through fellowship with other homeschool families, by pampering you with good snacks, on tap coffee, and caring for your kids with positive input for the weekend!


What is the pricing structure?

-The ‘base’ price covers each family unit attending; the cost/child is to cover the extra supplies needed to have a wonderful and creative children's seminar!


What all happens at the conference?

-The conference starts with registration and dropping your kids off at their designated classrooms for a fun day of skits, activities and songs. If at any time you want to check on your kids you are more than welcome too. Otherwise, you’ll see them again at pick-up time.

-While your children are having the time of their lives you will be enjoying teaching on homeschooling, parenting, and family life. Some sessions will have two tracks of speakers to choose from. We have tables set up so note-taking is easier and you can sit and have a nice conversation between sessions. We’ll also roll out the red carpet for you with an amazing complimentary snack table and bottomless coffee and drinks.


PARENT Sessions

Prayers for the Battlefield

Are you weary? Today’s parents are up against a lot. We’re shepherding children in a time when the war for their hearts and minds has reached a fever-pitch. And yes—the battle is real—but so is our God! Come spend an hour with mother of seven, Heidi St. John as she offers hope and teaches parents how to pray for their kids at every stage development. We’ll get real about the struggle, but we won’t focus on it. You’re raising a special generation of warriors! Don’t give up—you were born for this!


Light a Thousand Fires

Right place. Right time. Right team. We’re raising a generation of Daniels as America becomes a modern Babylon. The Lord has set us apart for such a time as this and He has a purpose for each of us and each of our children. Heidi St John lays out the rules of engagement for winning the culture war that seeks to destroy your children’s future and offers encouragement for the days we are living in. Listen. Learn. Leave with purpose and confidence.


Culture Shock: How to Equip Your Kids to Thrive in a Post-Christian Era

Many parents are struggling to talk to their kids about the rapidly changing cultural landscape, and we often forget that God’s unchanging Word offers relevant answers to even our most challenging questions. It’s more important than ever to teach our children what God says about their worth, their sexuality and their future. God has good things planned for those who love Him! Join Heidi for an hour that will challenge and encourage you as she speaks directly to the issues of the day and reminds you of your role in the midst of it all: to teach your children to walk in the Truth.



Like Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior

God says that our children have been given to us like “arrows in the hands of a warrior.” The question is, do we see ourselves as warriors? Do we recognize the battle we are in? Are we passive or purposeful in the spiritual training of our kids? God desires that we train and sharpen our “arrows” so that they will be ready to fly when the time is right. Join Heidi St. John as she offers personal insight and practical application on your role as parents.



Lessons from Esther: Peace in Times of Fear (for women)

In stressful situations, can you prayerfully wait for God's direction and timing? Today we are surrounded by a culture that is opposed to the principles of God's word. It's easy to succumb to fear: "What if I miss something?" "I know I'm supposed to do this... but WHAT IF I ruin my child?" "How can I raise all my children?" "What will my own parents say?" Moms grapple with these and many other fear-based questions, especially when we take a stand for how we are raising our children. But God says that as we trust in Him, HE directs our path, and He gives strength to the weary, wisdom when we ask for it, joy in times of stress and peace in times of fear.

Esther faced what seemed like an impossible circumstance, too. It is impossible to guess what might have happened to the Hebrew nation had there been no Esther. Except for her, Jerusalem might never have been rebuilt, and there might have been a different story to tell all future ages. This beautiful Jewish girl of long ago, though she herself may not have known it, played her part in paving the way for the coming of the Savior. And just as Esther has a part to play, so you have an important role in shaping the hearts and minds of a future generation. Come and be encouraged as Heidi reminds you about what is most important during the child rearing years: following the Lord wherever He leads - and modeling that faith for your children. Because where God guides - he also provides. Peace in times of fear.










Equipping Your Children Through Family Ministry

Being challenged by Christ’s command to “Go therefore and make disciples,” Loren & Gloria Wissmann and their children started praying for God to equip them, prepare them and then place them where they could be the most fruitful for His Kingdom’s sake. Out of that prayer, God has given their family the opportunity over the past 25 years to share Christ with music throughout many different venues. In this session Loren will be sharing both the importance and the value of doing family ministry together as you observe this becoming a way of life in the hearts of your children.



A Look at the Father's Role in Homeschooling

In a homeschool setting, it is often the mother’s role to take care of most of the academic goals for the children. Of course, in many households, the question often arises, “So what is the father’s role in this great undertaking called homeschooling?” Although the answer to that question can easily vary for each household, Loren with 36 years of homeschooling experience, will be sharing some foundational roles for the father to fill which will compliment his wife’s efforts and aid in making your homeschooling a “team effort!” There will also be a time of open forum to hear from other fathers and their experiences.





Adam Lloyd Johnson serves as a university campus missionary with Ratio Christi. He also teaches classes for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and spends one month each year living and teaching at Rhineland Theological Seminary in Wölmersen, Germany. Adam received his PhD in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Philosophy of Religion from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2020.

Adam grew up in Nebraska and became a Christian as a teenager in 1994. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and then worked in the field of actuarial science for ten years in Lincoln, Nebraska. While in his twenties, he went through a crisis of faith: are there good reasons and evidence to believe God exists and that the Bible is really from Him? His search for answers led him to apologetics and propelled him into ministry with a passion to serve others by equipping Christians and encouraging non-Christians to trust in Christ. Adam served as a Southern Baptist pastor for eight years (2009-2017) but stepped down from the pastorate to serve others full-time in the area of apologetics. He’s been married to his wife Kristin since 1996, and they have four children – Caroline, Will, Xander, and Ray.

Adam has presented his work at the National Apologetics Conference, the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith, the American Academy of Religion, and the Evangelical Theological Society. His work has been published in the Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, Philosophia Christi, the Westminster Theological Journal, and the Canadian Journal for Scholarship and the Christian Faith.

Adam has spoken at numerous churches and conferences in America and around the world – Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, Orlando, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. He is also the editor and co-author of the book A Debate on God and Morality: What is the Best Account of Objective Moral Values and Duties? published by Routledge and co-authored with William Lane Craig, J. P. Moreland, Erik Wielenberg, and others.