Our MissionSupport, serve and inspire the homeschooling families of Nebraska, with the goal of equipping them to serve God and serve others.

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When we were deciding what our core mission should be for Nebraska Families for Homeschooling, it wasn’t as simple as you might think. Finding a concise sentence that encompasses our heart’s passion for our whole vision and direction is easier said than done.

Our group has been working together as the Kids Conference and serving homeschooling families since 2005. When we started our new entity, Nebraska Families for Homeschooling, we looked back at who we have been in the past and what our goal is for the future. We wanted to be able to filter all future endeavors through this one sentence to see if it was in line with our group’s mission. We prayed for the right words and this is what God gave us.

Our heart’s goal is simple. 

Serving God - By serving you - While equipping you to serve God - And serve others.

It is a full circle that will continue to be our passion. 

Meet The Team

Ellie Stangl

Ellie calls Nebraska home and is the second born in a family of twelve children. She was home schooled through high school. Her excitement to experience the abundant life God has given through the Gift of His Son has created many opportunities for Ellie to live "outside the box". Traveling the world, being involved with pregnancy centers, remodeling houses and teaching in both public and private schools has kept her busy. She has found a variety of prison, street and camp ministries as outlets to share her passion of the Gospel with others. Ellie currently works for the Nebraska State Legislature.
Hannah Wissmann

Hannah Wissmann was born and raised in Seward county, Nebraska. She gave her life to Jesus Christ at the age of six after seeing her desperate need for a Savior. A homeschool graduate and ninth of 13 siblings, Hannah has a heartfelt passion for encouraging others to experience God's full potential in their lives. She has toured North America with her family's music and teaching ministry and currently works for her dad's irrigation business. Her personal pursuits include social media outreach, decorating for special events and serving in various children’s ministries. She enjoys playing sports, baking, reading, and exploring nature.
Matthew Wattermann

Matthew grew up on his family's farm near West Point, Nebraska, as the second of 8 kids. He was home schooled through high school and helped as a teacher for the Kids Conference for several years where he developed a passion for working with children, providing them a Godly example and teaching them about Christ. He then served 5 years in the army, during which time he was involved with the navigators ministry. He returned to Nebraska in the summer of 2017 and is now working on an organic farm near York, Nebraska.


Phillip Wattermann


William Wattermann

William is the sixth of eight children, and has lived on the family farm in West Point, NE his entire life. He has been a part of the Kids Conference since 2013 in various roles, with acting in the drama being a favorite. He loves music, small-scale and sustainable farming, and technology of all sorts. He was homeschooled throughout his childhood, and plans to continue learning until the end of his days!

Ben & Lesley Stangl

Josiah & Abi Wissmann

Sam & Nicole Lyon

Scott & Laura McKeen

Scott & Rebecca Essink



Stephen Wissmann

Stephen was born and raised in Seward County, Nebraska. He’s a homeschooled graduate and is number 8 in a family of 13 siblings. Stephen has a passion to share with people the personal relationship we can have with our Creator through His Son Jesus Christ and the transforming power of His Word. He has been involved with his family’s music ministry for many years as well as managing a family owned construction service business for the last 9 years. He has been involved with the Kids Conference for nine years in differing capacities.