Wonderful experience for my children! Amazing effort and talent is put into this conference and I'm so thankful for those who work so hard at creating an awesome learning environment for the children.
Alisha R.

Such an awesome team who put so much time into preparing wonderful lessons and dramas for the kids to learn from and enjoy! We are so thankful for the kids conference!
Misti J.

My boys love the Kids Conference every year! Fantastic!
Carmen D.

Our daughter loves coming to kids conference and when asked if she will be back next year her quick response is, "Yes!" Thank you for all you do to help the kids learn while having a great time and for a safe place for us to leave our kids while we as parents are encouraged in the battle!
Julie S.

The only complaint from my kids was that it was too short! The ultimate compliment! Awesome job, everyone.
Karla H.

It's my daughter's favorite part of the whole school year!
Marianne T.